Regardless of the nature of your business, our solutions portfolio- built upon many years of experience- can help businesses within all industries, ranging from Services to Oil and Gas, to Production or Manufacturing.  

We have a proven expertise in implementing and supporting ERP solutions by addressing the specifics of multiple industries and, most importantly, understanding the vision and necessities of each business we collaborate with. Our customers are part of industries such as:  

Oil and Gas

Due to its significant importance in the production of energy, the Oil and Gas industry has rapidly gained visibility over time. Currently, operating on this market is practically impossible without the help of a reliable and suitable ERP system, as well as other connected applications, that play a big role in operations management, production monitoring and other services. We have delivered successful projects for our customers in the following sectors:  

  • Upstream 
    • Exploration and Production 
    • LPG 
  • Downstream 
  • Service and Supply 


Even if a service company can survive without an ERP solution, it will prove to be difficult to keep up with the competition, due to operations management running much less efficiently. An ERP solution will give you real-time data so as to guide you in making the correct decisions for your business. Delivering the best services to your clients is your ultimate goal and that is why the appropriate ERP will not only provide access to your company data but will also help you to better understand your customers’ buying preferences and habits.  

We have successfully implemented ERP and connected applications in industries such as:  

  • IT 
  • Business communities 


Similar to the other industries mentioned, media companies also rely heavily on different software like CRM, ERP and other IT applications that have visibility on their daily operations and manage their activities.

When it comes to this industry, we realise that challenges arise from the need to build specific data flows, processes and customization to serve the dynamic work of the company on multinational level.

Despite these challenges, our company has recently brought value to an ERP implementation project for a big player within the media industry in the Eastern European market.  


When it comes to the gambling industry, betting companies (which focus heavily on customer satisfaction) face many challenges and are consistently negatively subjected to the rapid advancements in technology compared to any other industry.  

Our long history in the ERP market proved to be of great value for a big entertainment group within in the European gambling market, when they decided they needed to unify their systems. Our thorough analysis on the available ERP solutions that would fit the purpose of their business, efficient research and extensive ERP comparison, helped the group establish their strategy for the implementation of unified systems and standardized business processes. 

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