The 21st century has witnessed a rise in the significance of technological implementations, more specifically, how they have become a crucial and characteristic flow activity. This stems from a paradigm shift in project management, whereby people and processes are at the heart of all activities.   We believe that with the right planning and delivery, implementations can be smooth sailing until completion. Our proven approach focuses on setting clear expectations, gathering the right team of resources, efficiently delivering results, and providing consistent communication throughout your project.  

get your best implementation

With many successful implementations to our name, our approach is designed to deliver results. Read on for a quick summary on how we can transform your business:  
1 . Initiate 

To deliver excellent implementation, you need to have a clear understanding of what success looks like. It’s different for every business, so we will work closely with your team to identify together a set of common and measurable expectations. Once expectations are identified, we will begin by defining key goals and thoroughly scoping the project, before building a team and establishing project scheduling and sign off.  

  • Set Project Goals
  • Scope & Estimate
  • Build a Team
  • Set Your Project Schedule
  • Project Sign Off
1 . Plan  

Planning is crucial in what we do, and we strive to achieve our promised goals and exceed expectations. Knowing how your team communicates, collaborates, and engages with each other and your customers will directly affect your business results. It is important that we also have a sense of how things work within your company, so that we can create an exact diagram of the precise route to follow for this implementation. This will pave the way for making key decisions at the right time.   

  • Discovery Session
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Expectation Setting
  • Communication Cadence
1 . Execute 

This is where the magic happens. In this step, we monitor progress in the project, pay close attention to detail and identify early warning signs that may prevent the project from moving forward. These are some of the essential activities that we focus on to ensure consistent delivery and provide timely results, as well as:  

  • System Design & Configuration
  • Define Roles
  • Move Data
  • Build Customizations &
    Process Flow
  • Testing & Validation
  • User Training & Enablement
1 . Go Live 

The businesses that succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be those that figure out how to use their data and make better decisions. In order to measure your success and improve your performance, you can rest assured that we will enable:  

  • Final Review & Sign Off
  • Readiness & Transition Planning
  • System Cutover

and last but certainly not least, making your success public.  

1 . Support & Training   

We take pride in viewing our client relationships as long-term partnerships. After go-live, we will provide your team with support, training, and everything you need to help things flourish in the new environment. Even after project completion, we will always look forward to collaboration on new project implementations that may pop up in the future.  

  • Project Wrap-Up & Review
  • Measure Results
  • Support Your Team
  • Look Ahead

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