While more and more companies decide to move their systems to cloud nowadays, there are still many organizations that prefer to keep everything in-house, from IT infrastructure to systems support. 

Is it a good decision to keep your ERP support services in-house or is it better to outsource this service?

A very important point to consider when you are thinking whether to outsource your systems’ support is the team’s knowledge. Is your internal team prepared to really support you? Do they have the required knowledge to solve incoming calls from the users? FSS Global has a proven experience in providing professional support for a variety of ERPs, like Infor Sun Systems, MS Axapta, QuickBooks.

On the other hand, you should make sure the provider you go for will offer support on YOUR system, not the standard system. Our SLAs include also a learning period when we get familiarized with YOUR system so that we can support your system and all its customization, not only the “out-of-the-box” system that most suppliers offer.  

Good to keep in mind is the business consultancy that can come together with an external support provider. We are one of the few support providers with extensive industry and ERP management expertise and experience that can bring great value to your company by optimizing business processes while tuning the software to increase system performance. 

User support

User Support – provide user assistance for all their ERP and CAP (Connected Applications) related tasks; this includes user trainings, user manuals, on call and on-site assistance 

Providing 1st and 2nd level ERP support for users, where 1st line support is defined as the support team fielding the incoming calls, emails, incident requests, while 2nd line support is defined as a higher level application consultant/developer/technical consultant that will work on resolving a more complex problem (i.e. failed journal imports, solution for system bugs); 

Data support

Data Support – provide assistance with any ERP-related data issue – correct wrongfully entered data or wrongfully applied procedures, generate extra ad-hoc data queries for quick understanding and reference, identify root causes for data errors and propose solutions to permanently correct those. 

Provide assistance in correcting wrongfully entered data (manual or through import from different connected applications) in compliance with statutory/audit/business requirements, identify root causes for data errors and suggest solutions to improve data quality input. 

Settings support

Settings support – identify the ERP-level configuration settings which during regular use have generated unexpected and/or incorrect outcome. Ensure that the current configuration provides the desired results and agree with users for change requests implementation following change management procedures in place. 

We will identify the ERP- level configuration settings which, from regular use of the ERP, would have generated unexpected and/or incorrect outcomes. We will also ensure that the current configuration provides the desired results. The next step is agreement with users for implementing change requests, following the change management procedures already in place.  

Technical and Functional testing

Technical and Functional testing – prepare testing plans, test scripts, prepare user testing community; perform system testing both from technical and functionalities point of view, update testing scripts and recommend fixes where tests fail. Work with user testing community to perform the UAT (User Acceptance Testing)  

We will approach the technical and functional testing aspect with a structured protocol to determine the user’s problems. The plan includes preparing test plans and scripts, preparing a user testing community, performing system testing (both from a technical and functional viewpoint), updating testing scripts and finally recommend fixes where tests fail. We will also work closely with the user testing community to perform the UAT (User Acceptance Testing). 

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